LED lighting for warehouses

The industrial sector has a potential of making massive savings with LED lighting. LED’s are ideal for large interiors like warehouses and mass storage spaces because not only the consume minimum energy, but are also more resistant to extreme temperatures and they require minimum maintenance, being replaced very occasionally.

Office LED lighting is a specialist in designing and installing bespoke LED lighting solutions for industrial premises of all types, and our lighting systems with sensors can help you save even more in your lighting bills.

How much can your business save with LED lighting?

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Industrial lighting overview

Here’s a standard lighting scenario in an average warehouse so you can make your own average numbers of how much you could save by changing your current lighting to an LED model. * Calculations made assuming 5 days/week, 12 hours/day, 50 weeks/year and electricity price of 0.15KWh

Industrial LED lighting


With the installation of motion sensors we could reduce the hours of usage from 12 to 4, helping you make even more outstanding savings.

Example for a warehouse used 12h/day

Typical lighting LED lighting
Fittings 100x250W Highbay 100x150W Highbay
Total watts 25000W 15000W
Annual cost £11250 £6750
Product life 15000h 50000h
Energy savings 0% 40%
Savings in 5 years £0 £22500


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