About Office LED Lighting

Office LED Lighting is a division of Office Corporation, an organisation based in London specialized in compliance and facilities management with Office Test (Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Electrical Compliance) and Office FM (Facilities Management).

At Office LED Lighting we design, supply and install tailored LED lighting solutions for business of all sizes in all industry sectors.

We work with http://www.resume-for-you.com clients in reviewing their current lighting system and help them find the best system to reduce energy usage, lower their CO2 emissions and minimize maintenance costs. We install LED Lighting systems for hotels, offices, shops or large industrial premises, assisting companies and organisations in making the switch to LED lighting technology effective and hassle-free.

As a qualified LED installer, we have experts in lighting design and qualified electricians that will take care of the entire installation process.

Find out how much you can save by switching to LED Lighting

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